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Seychelles Holidays

Seychelles holidays are the perfect dream holidays if you are looking to lose yourself completely in nature’s lap. The Seychelles Islands are spectacular natural “get-aways” what with their pristine and beautiful beaches, exotic flora and fauna and tropical climate, all of which are relatively untouched by man, make Seychelles holidays even more exquisite.

Seychelles holidays are an opportunity to enjoy all that nature's bounty has to offer. Seychelles is an archipelago nation comprising of about 115 islands; some are old granite rock islands while the rest comprise of coral atolls. All of these islands were almost completely uninhabited till the beginning of the modern times, and even today, majority of the Seychelles islands remain uninhabited by man. The population that it comprises of today is an eclectic mix of different ethnic groups like African, Chinese, French and Indians to name a few and does not have a set of its indigenous people. All these groups immigrated to the Seychelles islands and today live there together as proud Seychellois.

Seychelles is a popular tourist destination with over thousands of tourists thronging the islands every year. No wonder then, that tourism is Seychelles’s economic backbone. Fishing is a close second. The Seychelles Islands are also well-known for their luxurious resorts; many with exotic spas to treat yourself and your loved ones to a perfect spa holiday and revitalizing massages. Quite a few Seychelles holiday packages are also available.

Seychelles luxury holidays are made of everything one dreams of – lush tropical islands, lazing around on the beaches, spectacular views of the Indian Ocean, witnessing the world’s most exotic species, lush of heavenly green vegetation and being away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Seychelles holidays are all that and much more.

To have that perfect holiday, choose that perfect place; and what better place other than the Seychelles. Experience nature at its best here, where humans and nature live together in rare harmony. So, now you know which destination to pick for your next holiday season and make it a perfect getaway.

Rooms in Seychelles, based in Seychelles, provides a very wide selection of hotel and resort accommodations in Seychelles from budget hotels to luxury hotels for your next Seychelles holiday.

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