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Seychelles Islands

Seychelles Islands comprise of over 115 islands and together form the Seychelles nation, officially known as the Republic of Seychelles. These islands are spread across the Indian Ocean spanning a total area of 400,000 square kilometers. This archipelago of islands boasts of granite rock islands as well as coral reef islands atoll that are abound with natural flora and fauna that could come off as every man’s natural paradise.

The Seychelles Islands were relatively uninhabited till the beginning of the modern times. In the seventies, the English and the French set up their colonies on these islands, but, interestingly, history of the Seychelles Islands remains clean and tamed. Today, these islands are known for the natural splendor that they carry, most of which remains largely exclusive to these islands. The exotic species of plants and animals that abound these islands mark this place as one of the most beautiful and exotic natural locales in the world.

The beautiful and pristine beaches of these islands remain the major attraction for millions of tourists who throng the Seychelles Islands every year, making tourism the most contributing economic sector of the nation. Exotic animal species that remain exclusive to these islands include the majestic Aldabra Giant Tortoise and the Seychelles Black Parrot that is regarded as the national bird of Seychelles. To think, this specie of birds almost came to the verge of extinction and would have been extinct by now, had it not been for the Seychellois and their gigantic efforts in turning the Seychelles environment into a sustainable and a stable one. The waters that surround these islands are rich in exquisite fish and other aquatic life species, making these waters a sight to behold.

Away and untouched by the typical human ways, Seychelles is a heaven away from heaven. We at Rooms in Seychelles are happy to advise you on any or all aspects of your Seychelles Island adventure.

Rooms in Seychelles, based in Seychelles, will work with you to find the perfect hotel accommodations and amenities in Seychelles Islands that you will enjoy and always remember.

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