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Silhoutte Cruises

Silhoutte Cruises allows you to do Island hopping by renting a yacht or getting on a cruise ship. It allows you to go around the few beautiful and exotic Islands of Seychelles. It is also a good way to maximize your time to visit as many places as you can in one cruise package. It shows true diversity and beauty of the Seychelles archipelago by sailing around Indian Ocean’s crystal clear blue seas.

Silhoutte Cruises offers different island to island cruise destination. The advantage of signing up for it, you don’t have to deal with difficult and unnecessary transfers and tons of bookings. It also saves your time to enjoy the beauty of pristine turquoise waters of Seychelles through diving and snorkeling. It puts the travellers in the best position to take advantage and discover the different angles to reach each islands and islets of the Seychelles archipelago.

Silhoutte Cruises is usually composed by just a few but un-intrusive crews; aside from the captain, engineer, deckhands and stewardesses. They also have a dive instructor to teach you how to properly dive and snorkel to get up close and personal with amazing tropical fish, corals, turtles, crabs and other sea creatures that can only be found in the Indian Ocean.

Silhoutte Cruises are very friendly and customer service oriented, they give our guests the chance to have a hands-on at sailing the ship or yacht. This is such an exciting and fun way to end the cruise in Seychelles. Click on the Book Now button, and enjoy the vacation that you deserve!

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